Odàmi pays close attention to shape as well as carefully chosen and combined fabrics, resulting in clean, minimal, architectural designs.
Textiles are chosen both instinctively and carefully, with preference to natural Italian fabrics (silks, cottons, linens, wools) which are then painstakingly matched with more high-tech and non-traditional materials.

Our creative process constantly seeks out innovative fabrics offering experimental possibilities.

Forms and materials hybridize creating a new dress. Fashion is a lifestyle aesthetically enhancing the everyday.

We want to create emotionally charged, unpredictable, feel-good clothing, that expresses our thinking through motion. Our clothes are light, powerful, essential and sincere.

Odàmi is movement through each season: we revisit historical pieces with new colours and fabrics, for a new ‘product-project-concept’.

Odàmi came into being, and now grows and lives in a close familial world full of spontaneity, handicraft… and the smiles of little girls.

Odàmi is our family, our home, our everyday… our lifestyle. Each cut made through cloth expresses our history and identity.