Monica Trevisi

Monica Trevisi’s jewellery is created using steel with semi-precious stones, crystals, gems, and leather. Thin burnished springs are combined with transparent rock crystal, with the living, deep colors of the stones, and hammered metal, resulting in industrial-style, almost rock, contemporary creations that also express the strength and concreteness typical of the female character.

Monica Trevisi is an artisan jewellery maker that thinks and works with her hands, as the proportions, geometry and wearability of her creations amply demonstrate.  She creates small works of art that dress the body; her creations, like paintings are also inspired by the frame that surrounds them:  her laboratory, the Filanda Motta. It is a charming complex, one of the most successful restructurings in  the Province of Treviso, a timeless place, where modernity and  tradition mix.