La Bottega di Brunella

La Bottega di Brunella brand was created by Vito and Brunella Casola in 1965. Their children now direct the company which has maintained its ties to the family and respect for the cultural values of the area in which it is located. Now, even more than when the company was founded, members of the Casola family are involved in each step of the manufacturing process. They decide the weaves and composition of the fabrics that will be created on the firm’s looms, design each new collection, supervise the  cutting, assembling and garment-dyeing of items. The entire process is in their hands.

The image of the Pistrice (Ketos), the mythological sea creature with the head of a fox and the body of a dragon, chosen as the brand’s trademark, is a statement of the company’s dedication to resisting the loss of tradition and manual skill. It is the anchor that Bottega di Brunella has cast into the world of contemporary fashion, a symbol of its commitment to the continued use of the refined weaving techniques of the past and garment-dyeing and of its dedication to fine tailoring.