ER is a range of artistic creations. Emanuela Rovida unleashes her creative energy in the two ranges of sweaters and scarves, Èthos and Héxis, comprising items that are as unique as they are timeless. The ranges recall ancient Greek thought – the transposition of the categories ‘beauty’ and ‘goodness’ in the creation of objects: ‘beauty’ embraces people’s real existence, while ‘goodness’ relates to the ranges’ ethical and sustainable production process. Sensory weaves of fabric and colour blend in simple, clean lines. Fabric and artefact become one at the precise moment when the creative gesture falls on the fibres to give them consistency and form. The flawless material settles lightly on the body: the fibre becomes ethereal, weightless. Transparencies and cuts punctuate the dialogue between the garment and the body that wears it. The colours recall nature, with shades of earth, bark, the sky and the clouds. The “shadow of the evening” is suggested in grey variations, from the lightest to the most intense, nearly black shades. An ER garment must be chosen by affinity, as a conscious means for expressing one’s being.

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