77denari is a line of stockings produced in limited edition, Italian manufactory. A feature that makes the pieces unique in the collection is the print produced by handmade silkscreen printing.

Every single item has been moved to a frame, thus becoming a craftsman with an absolutely precious item, a unique piece. The line was born in 2012 with an annual collection of 8 tights; from spring 2018 the line doubles up in two collections: tights for the fall / winter season, knee pads for the spring / summer season. The drawings are made by the two founders of 77denari, Simona Berardi and Carla Armillei, and are inspired by the raw vision of geometric elements of the nature instinct.

77denari also boasts the collaboration of several artists working in the field of graphics, photography, music, video and styling.

Every sock is a work that is worn and moved: walking, running, dancing and living stories, reinterpreting the contents of your own voice, creating a new identity.


  • CURIEUX MAGAZINE / Violet Mezzanine
  • Video: Clichè Video